• Intuitive interface
  • Copious databank of users
  • Responsive customer service
  • Many search options
  • Shows ads
  • Some fake accounts

There are many lonely people who are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of that one person who will completely win them over. Why then should you continue to wait?

You must start seeking for someone looking to have fun if you want to find it, and is the best place to do that. Here's why:

First Glance

After a quick and easy sign-up process, you will find yourself on a site that probably doesn't look like it's one of the best dating sites in the region. Don't get this wrong – the site is not visually appalling. It is rather simple and straightforward, just like its features and tools.

Functional and easily comprehendible, can be used by everyone, and it won't make you uncomfortable for a minute. Furthermore, you won't feel any particular negative sensation while spending time and searching for a one night strand on this great hookup site. The thing that sets this site aside from all others is that it really works.

Layout And Usability

Although you cannot really ask anything more from a casual sex site than that it works, has a lot to offer besides its amazing matching potential. The whole site works like clockwork, so you don't have to fear any lags or technical issues of any kind while spending time and searching for love on it. You can easily tell that the people working on it put a lot of effort into the functionality of the site to give the ultimate experience to their clients.

The only thing that doesn't seem to fit the bill is the site's design, which is slightly simpler than the designs of other hookup sites we've reviewed. However, that doesn't mean that it's something you might call ugly. Simply put, likes to keep it clean and smart.


As a client of, you can make the most of the site's incredible features to find the perfect someone for you. Browse through the whole member-base, or just through the members that are the nearest to your geographically. Also, you can upgrade your account to a VIP membership and make the search as detailed and specific as you wish.

Another great thing about this casual sex website is that every member can start a conversation with the person of their choice via the site's instant messaging service or the chat box. Pretty cool.

Member Base

Thanks to its large member base, Flirt has made it to the top of the dating chain, so to say. Another huge plus is that Flirt doesn't have any fake profiles, bots, trolls, nor spammers.

The people working on the site take great pride in the fact that their clients are all real individuals, all of which come from different backgrounds and have interesting life stories to tell. There's just no chance you won't find someone special on this high-quality no strings attached site.


Functional, easy-to-use, visually clean, and the best in its genre, is surely your ticket to true love. Your heart won't stay lonely for too long, as soon as you join this amazing casual sex site, that's for sure. is a personal hookup site that uses a compatibility algorithm to match users based on preferences and interests. It has a large user base and various communication options. Its main focus is helping users find find a one night stand.

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